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Monday, December 28, 2020

How to use Pinterest effectively can be challenging. It is not something I consider myself to have thorough knowledge on, but I’ve used it for blogging purposes the whole time I’ve been blogging, and I believe I can give some good Pinterest advice.


1. Pinterest has an algorithm too!

Yes, we’re constantly sick of hearing the “A” word, but it’s everywhere nowadays, and it’s “annoying”. Therefore it can be extremely harsh when it comes to showing your posts, especially on Instagram, and now Pinterest use it too! However, theirs make more sense. Pinterest is used by joining boards. Although many now say that Group Pinterest boards are dead, it’s simply because people don’t understand how it works. When you join a group Pinterest board, it works on a 1:1 basis. Meaning if you add something to the board, you have to repin something from it too. So for example, you may create a “Blogs I recommend” or “Repinning board” which allows you to repin into an organised part of your Pinterest.

It also won’t reduce spam, if you use the “Drag and Drop” settings to organise your boards. I have my own blogging board at the top of my profile, and the less important ones (Such as the Yellow Aesthetic board, I use for my header) at the very bottom. Stick this board at the bottom, that way you’re repinning, and helping that group grow, while your blog remains the most important on your profile. If your audience is interested, they’ll likely see your repins on their news feed, or you can do an “End of Month Pinterest Love” blog post to help others. You help others to help you.

screenshot of Amy's pinterest


2. Pictures

If you don’t know already, Pinterest gives you a guide on what type of pictures to use. This is most effective, by using a program such as Canva. However, it talks about vertical pictures rather than horizontal ones. Again this doesn’t really matter if it’s used correctly. Create pictures with your blog title, and your main photo you use in the article. And always include your blog URL. However, constantly check your pins. It has been known that people sometimes steal your pin photos to lead to spam websites. You can usually find these by clicking on your pin and seeing what comes up in the recommended. Always report these, it doesn’t go by the phrase “bad publicity is good publicity” as people can then see your real pin, and avoid them at all costs because of a spam one.


3. Sections in Boards matter.

Although I don’t 100% put it down to this, my blogging views went significantly up since adding sections to my blog board. I organized my pins into these sections, and I can see why people were more likely to follow my board. It highlights their interest rather than seeing a whole board full of random pictures. I also find myself as a reader, I enjoy categories. Someone may have niches I enjoy, and some I don’t. So having it all separate allows me to see what I like!

screenshot of Amy's boards on Pinterest


4. Repinning from the news feed.

That’s right; Repinning posts that come up in your news feed is just as effective as self-promoting. These are the high-quality pins that get attention. For instance, say you repin a few of these, someone is going to get notifications or linked back to your profile. This means possible engagement and even better, engagement from people Pinterest deems “important”.


5. Spam Account Names and Descriptions

It’s really not necessary to include your niche in your name (hence why sections on your blog board are a group). Furthermore, you also don’t need a long description. A nice short sentence will do about you. And to include your URL, go into your settings and click “Claim Website”. This attaches your blog to your Pinterest, and also allows you to access analytics! As a result; real engagement! Your username should be your blog name, as well as your title (or your first name.)

Your niche can go in the description. If you like tennis, the colour yellow and have a dog, put it in your blog about section and connect your URL. If someone really wants to know, they’ll read your blog, trust me.

I hope people find this helpful, or any questions just ask in the comments below! Let me know what you think!

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