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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Kpop is a massive part of my life and something I wish to incorporate into my blog. Over the past 8 years I've been trying to find myself, and never really knew who I was nor felt comfortable enough to delve into things but since finding kpop I've definitely found more self love.

Thankyou to BricZennie for the questions.

1. How long have you been a kpop stan?

About 2 years now! 

2. First kpop group you listened to?

BTS. I was influenced firstly by my friend (she also blogs, check her out: ColourfulHopeBlog). We were new friends and she mentioned them a couple of times. Then one day they were actually performing on a UK show and my dad (who knew I loved one direction) saw them and must of thought "oh another boy band on the rise bet Amy will like them". I think they performed Idol and I was like "woah they're good. The guy called V is hot." and that made me search more into them😂 

I listened to War of Hormone and the next video was Love Dive by iKon and I enjoyed it.

3. Top 5 bias groups?

• Stray Kids
• Blackpink
• Astro
• Red Velvet

4. Favourite Soloist?

I am obsessed with Chungha. Her voice is spectacular and I think she's absolutely stunning.

5. Favourite boy group + bias?

BTS is my ultimate top boy group. My first bias was Taehyung (V) but I started to relate alot more to Yoongi (Suga), and I listened to his mixtapes and it was just love at first listen.

6. Favourite girl group + bias?

My ult girl group is Blackpink (maybe it's Everglow but they're both underappreciated). My bias is Jisoo and always have been. She's so stunning and has this beautiful unique voice.

TIK TOK FUN: I also post a lot of kpop content on tik tok!

7. Top Three Biases?

• Yoongi (BTS)
• Jimin / Taehyung (They fight over me! - BTS)
• Felix (Stray Kids)

8. Favourite Maknae?*

Niki from ENHYPEN. They're very new rookies within the kpop world but I watched them on Iland (Survival Show) and I grew attached to him. He's nearly 10 years younger than me and I just felt like I was a supportive mum watching him honestly.

*A "maknae" is the korean term for the youngest member of the group.

9. Favourite Leader?

Namjoon (RM) of BTS. He's poetic, smart and has always put his group first. He isn't even the oldest but they all look to him in this unreal way. I think that's why I also adore Bangchan from Stray Kids because he takes alot of inspiration from Namjoon. Brilliant work ethic.

10. First kpop bias?

Kim Taehyung (V). His visuals are on point.

11. Favorite kpop album?

At the moment it's "The Album" by BLACKPINK. I can't fault any songs.

12. Favourite comeback this year?

BTS' "Black Swan". So underappreciated, it's an actual piece of art. But also Stray Kids' "God Menu " was a masterpiece too.

13. Favourite entertainment company?

In comparison to other companies definitely Big Hit. However they all have their flaws.

14. Top three music videos?

1. Agust D - Daechwita
2. BTS - Blood, Sweat and Tears
3. Stray Kid's God Menu

15. Favourite Rap Line?

BTS' Rap Line. Namjoon, J-Hope and Yoongi are perfect together.

16. All time favorite kpop song?

BTS' Black Swan. It's poetic, dark and beautiful. Could listen to it on repeat 24/7 and it deserves a lot of love.

17. Fan groups you identify with?

• Aroha (Astro)
• Stays (Stray Kids
• Blinks (Black Pink)

I'm also slowly getting into Ateez and Loona.

18. Kpop ships?

Don't ship anyone together if I'm honest. In terms of friendship I love Taegi (Taehyung and Yoongi of BTS). Yoongi said in an interview they're not the closest and clash alot but when they do he just asks Tae to hold his hand and they calm down together. You can see that Taehyung looks up to him alot.

19. Do you know how to speak korean?

No but I've been slowly learning. Mainly because I want to be able to watch kdramas without subtitles and appreciate the music abit more.

20. Any concerts?

Just BTS' Online concert in October which was beautiful.

21. Do you have any kpop merch?

I had a Shooky keyring and I created my own.

22. First kpop song you liked?

Idol - BTS. However iKon's Love Dive was super catchy and stayed in my head for ages.

23. An idol you want as a best friend?

My first point is I would love Yoongi as a best friend. Just to watch his musical genuis process would be amazing, plus he is so unproblematic, I could sit there on my phone and he could sit there in silence and we'd still bond.

However I'd love to be friends with Jungkook because in Korea there's a lot of emphasis on the year you were born and he's a 97 baby like me and the 97 friend line just sounds like the crowd I'd like to hang out with.

24. An idol you'd want to marry?

As a person in a serious relationship I surely couldn't answer this..

It's Yoongi. Hands down.

25. kpop star body goals? 

Hwasa from Mammamoo has body goals. Joy from Red Velvet has always been like the girl I'd love to look like.

Do you like kpop? Leave me a comment below if you do, let's chat!

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